About Us

DCB Commercial Bank Plc (DCB) was registered  as a  Limited Company on 6th September 2001.

In April 2002, DCB started business as a regional microfinance institution. On 12 June 2003 the bank was issued with a licence to carry out banking business as Dar es Salaam Community Bank Limited. In 2005, after only 3 years of its operation, DCB broke-even.
In 2008, DCB became the first bank in Tanzania to be listed to Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE).
In February 2012, the Bank changed its name from Dar es Salaam Community Bank Plc to DCB Commercial Bank Plc and in July 2012, the bank was issued with a licence to carry out banking business country wide as a fully-fledged Commercial Bank.
Institutional Framework

The bank is governed by Board of Directors appointed by shareholders at the AGM and vetted as per regulatory requirements. The Board of Directors as a policy making body exercise its governance by setting strategic direction, vision, mission, goals, policies as well as own governance process. Also it has a duty of overseeing audit work and risk management in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness of banks operations.
The Board of Directors is composed of people with broad knowledge and rich experience that is useful in directing and guiding the bank’s activities. The day to day operations is delegated to the Managing Director.
Vision and Mission and Core Values
The vision of DCB Commercial Bank Plc is to be the leading micro-finance bank in Tanzania.
The Mission of DCB Commercial Bank Plc is to contribute to the economic and social development in Tanzania for Individual, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Corporate by developing specialized financial products and services and marketing these through an efficient and sustainable branch network where the customer is treated with promptness and responsiveness.
Core Values:
Creativity & Innovations
Team Work
Unit of Purpose
Effective Corporate Governance
The Principal Activities of the Bank
The principal activities of the bank are that of
i)    Mobilizing financial resources from individuals, institutions and development partners for financing the informal sector in order to support the government's endeavors in poverty alleviation.
ii)    Providing an enabling environment for self-employment for the unemployed population in Tanzania
iii)   Providing commercial services and support to the target group at truly unsubsidized 'full cost recovery and a profit margin' rates in order to enable the bank to consolidate itself and maximize returns to its shareholders.
iv)   Providing lending services
Ownership Structure

The Bank’s capital structure for the year under review is shown below:-
400,000,000 ordinary shares of TZS 250 each

Called up and fully paid
67,827,897ordinary shares of TZS 250 each 

The total number of shareholders at year end 2015 was 4,681 (2014: 4,688 shareholders).
The shares of the Bank are held as follows:

Name No. of shares   Value of shares TZS   % of holdings
Dar es Salaam City Council 6,832,094   1,708,023,500   10.07%
Ilala Municipal Council 6,357,426   1,589,356,500   9.37%
Kinondoni Municipal Council 6,250,022   1,562,505,500   9.21%
Temeke Municipal Council 5,703,754   1,425,938,500   8.41%
National Health Insurance Fund 4,000,000   1,000,000,000   5.90%
Other 4,681 members (2014: 4,688) 23,339,231   5,834,807,750   34.42%
Total share capital


DCB operates from  8 branches  conveniently located within Dar es Salaam Municipality, all networked and connected with  ATM of UmojaSwitch. 
·         The Bank’s head office and Magomeni branch are located at  DCB House Magomeni Mwembechai in Kinondoni Municipal
·         Arnautoglu branch is located at  Arnautoglu Building - Mnazi Mmoja grounds , Bibi Titi Mohamed Road in Ilala Municipal
·         Temeke branch is located opposite to Temeke primary Court,  Temeke/Evereth junction Road.
·         Tabata branch at Tabata Old dampo area in Ilala Municipal
·         Ukonga Branch is at Aviation House, Nyerere/Kitunda Road Junction-Banana area in Ilala Municipal.
·         Chanika branch is located at Chanika road.

·       Mabibo External branch is located at Garage area along Mandela road.

·       Paul Rupa - Kariakoo branch is located at Msimbazi road opposite Simba Sports Club Building.

Each DCB branch is installed with onsite shared ATM of UmojaSwitch. We offer ATM services through Umoja Switch. There are more than 120 ATMs across the Country shared by 24 banks in Tanzania which are DCB Commercial Bank Plc, Akiba Commercial Bank, Azania Bank, BOA Bank, Twiga Bank, Tanzania Investment Bank, Uchumi Commercial Bank, Access Bank Tanzania Ltd and Commercial Bank of Africa. Others are Tanzania Women Bank, Mkombozi Commercial bank, Peoples Bank of Zanzibar, Tanzania Postal Bank, Kilimanjaro Corporative Bank, Efatha Bank, NIC Bank, Njombe Community Bank, Mwanga Community Bank, Mufindi Community Bank, agera Farmers' Cooperative Bank, Mbinga Community Bank and Amana Bank.

The highest organ is the Board of Directors, charged with the formulation of broad policy guidelines. Operations are entrusted in the Managing Director, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the bank. He is assisted by the Personal Assistant to MD's Office, 5 Chief Managers heading their respective departments and Managers.