business banking

A Business account specifically designed to meet your business transaction. In such an account we offer:
• Best interest rates
• Low or no monthly maintenance fee if you meet the minimum daily balance requirement
• Low initial deposit is required to open your small business account

Sole Propriator Account    - Business Loan Facility    Motor Policy       - UmojaSwitch ATM Card
Limited Company Account   SME Loan Facility   Fire Insurance     - Mobile Banking
Partnership Account   Overdraft Facility   Marine & good in transit     - Agency Banking 
Wahi Saving Account   Equipment Loan Facility   All Risk Insurance     - M-Pesa/Tigo pesa Services
Society/Club/Association/ Trust   Mortgage Loan Facility   Personal Accident     - Western Union Services
Call Account       Workmen's Compensation     - Alert Services
Fixed Deposit Account       Burglary Insurance     - Internet banking
        Electronic Equipment