Retail Banking

With several accounts designed to meet your needs, we make banking easier. Whether it's your child's first savings account, your first home or your retirement plan, we offer personal banking products and services tailored to suit your needs. We're here to help you every step of the way.

- Personal Current Account    - Personal Loan Facility    - Motor Policy        - UmojaSwitch ATM Card
- Personal Saving Account   - Salaried Loan Facility   - Fire Insurance      - Mobile Banking
- Student Saving Account   - Housing Microfinance Loan   - Domestic Package      - Agency Banking 
- Wahi Saving Account   - Solidarity Group Loans (-SGL)   - All Risk Insurance      - M-Pesa/Tigo pesa Services
- Joint Saving Account   - Home Loan (Mortgage   - Personal Accident      - Western Union Services
- Young Saver Account       - Workmen's Compensation      - Alert Services
- Group Saving Account       - Burglary Insurance    
- Fixed Deposit Account       - Electronic Equipment