DCB Mini Skonga

DCB Mini Skonga Account

It is a specific account that gives you the opportunity to save monthly for a period of 12 months to accomplish your children's school savings goals while guaranteeing them education to university.

This account gives you the opportunity to choose the amount and time to invest up to 12 months and allow you to obtain your children's education insurance up to three (3) years once you  have a permanent disability or loss of life.


  • Guaranteed and secure your money
  • Guaranteed your children's education up to three years
  • Your dependence will get all your savings invested once you lose life or a permanently disability
  • Opportunity to contribute together
  • Free to choose a monthly investment rate (from TZS. 5,000)/=
  • Free to stop the investment plan
  • Small insurance costs of 0.02 per month

Account Opening Procedures

  • Fill the application form to open the account
  • 1 photo of passport size
  • Copy of NIDA Id/Passport/Voter's Card/Driving license
  • Letter from local authority office
  • Special deposits/Savings (Standard order arrangement)
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