SACCOS Loan Scheme


This is a credit scheme intended to cater to Members of Savings and Co-operative Credit Societies (SACCO’s). The purpose of the loan is to assist Savings and co-operative Credit Societies (SACCOS) provide short-term loans to their members.


  • Maturity of loan is up to 12 months
  • Monthly repayment
  • Interest 5% below the rates charged on normal overdraft for loans covered with member’s contribution deposited with DCB.
  • Minimum loan amount Tzs. 10.0 million and the maximum loan amount Tzs 200.0 million.
  • No applicable fee
  • Legal and Commitment fee 2% of the loan amount



Any SACCO has to fulfill the following conditions before qualifying for a loan;

  • Has to be fully registered by the registrar of Clubs/Societies and must be in existence for at least 6 months.
  • A SACCO must be a client of DCB for at least two months and should have systems of governance that is acceptable to DCB.
  • A society has to pledge 50% down payment that is a loan cannot exceed two times the size of deposits.  Example, when a SACCO pledges 5.0 million, they will be qualified for a maximum loan of Tzs. 10.0 million.  It is imperative that the SACCO understands that the pledge of savings will not be drawn from the Bank.  The amount will be blocked by the Bank and will remain blocked until the loan has been fully repaid.
  • DCB will prepare a pledge of Savings form that will be signed by the SACCO management members especially, the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  This pledge of savings will be the basis of the Bank to block the account with 50% pledge of the loan.
  • All costs and fees in relation to SACCO such as Monitoring fee, Commitment fee and Setting up commission fee need to be available in the account before disbursement of the loan.
  • Interest charged is on flat rate method and not reducing balance
  • SACCO members need to agree to borrow from DCB.
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