WAHI Joint


  • Opening and saving per month TZS. 50,000 and above

  • Min. Interest earning balance TZS. 100,000

  • Customers to deposit more than once per month

  • Borrow against our own fund, emergency loan- We maintain 80% of credit balance. The application of the credit facility will be like loans against FDR except that application letter and all other relevant documents will be signed / applied jointly. i.e all account holders will be required to sign every document.

  • Life Insurance Facility 1% of loan amount.

  • Minimum saving plan period- 6, 9, 12 to 24 months.

  • Contractual saving with no withdrawal up to maturity period.

  • Maturing WAHI should not be closed if a customer decides to proceed with another saving plan.


  • Grow savings step by step

  • You get loan facility

  • Attractive Interest rate up to 9% depending on the savings plan calculated on monthly bases or compounding factors.


  • Original and copy of personal Identification- copy of ID-voters, passport, driving license, National to each signatory

  • Funds to be invested

  • Two quality colour Passport size

  • Introduction letter from local leaders, employer or advocate for each signatory

  • Signatory: All account holders

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