Housing Microfinance Loan


Housing microfinance is used in developing countries to allow poor and low-income families to improve their housing. ‘DCB Housing Microfinance Loan is a special product, tailored for the Government Employees and self employed individuals. It consists mainly with loans to low income people for renovation or expansion of existing homes or land acquisition.


- Maximum loan amount:

  • Salaried employees up to 18 months salary
  • SMEs/Individual Micro TZS 1 MiIlion - TZS 30 Millions

- Repayment period: up to 5 Years

- Guarantees:

  • Fiduciary, Mortgage, Mixed and Employers Guarantees

- Equity Contribution for SMEs/Individual Micro is:-

  • 10% of Loan Amount

- Insurance Cover is 1.5%

- Interest 17% to 23% (reducing) per annum

- Repayment on monthly basis

- Commitment Fee is 3%

- Loan turn-around time 7 working days (formalitie including search and site visits)

- DCB will not provide technical assistance on the construction of houses

- Credit officers shall visit the client regularly to ensure propoer use of funds


General Terms and Conditions

  • Open saving account with DCB - Bank
  • Submit 2 recent passport photographs
  • Repayment period of one to five years (1-5 years)
  • Renewal of the loan or top up loan will depend on the performance of the first loan and usage of the first loan.
  • Proof ownership of land/Copy of title deed  or sale agreement or Residential License or Fixed deposit receipt
  • Applicant submits a construction project description and the budget
  • To give two personal, family and commercial references
  • Commitment fee 3% of loan amount.
  • A Certification  of  incomes in original for employees
  • A complete photocopy of Identification Documents
  • Photocopy of receipt of public services (water, electricity, telephone) and Property land receipt etc.
  • To have guarantees:  One or two guarantors or co-


  • Age: 18 - 65 years - For SMEs and Individual Micro

  • Age 18  - (subject to Retirement period) - For Salaried Clients

For salaried clients:-

  • Must be an employee of the main government or local government, parastatals, international organization or strong and reputable private company with a good financial track record.

  • Must have worked for more than 3 years

  • Collective guarantee agreement between the employer and the bank must be in place as part of the security.

  • The current salary slip will be submitted to the bank.

  • The introduction letter from employer plus valid employment

  • ID shall be submitted to the bank.

  • Application forms shall be signed by borrower and employer before submitting to the bank.

 For Individual micro/micro-entrepreneurs:-

  • One year minimum experience in the current business and three months minimum duration for operation of a bank account with DCB.

  • Proof of ownership of the business.

  • Proof of stability in the current business.

  • Personal documentation for both owner and spouse.

  • Reference from credit bureaus

  • Proof for ownership of land

  • Applicant submits a construction project description and the budget.

  • Recent passport photographs of the applicant must be submitted to the bank

 For solidarity group clients:-

  • Proof of ownership of the business.

  • Proof of stability in the current business.

  • Personal documentation for both owner and spouse.

  • Clients must have graduated in solidarity groups at least two years with a good loan track record.

  • Reference from credit bureaus

 Securities for Salaried Clients:-

  • A collective guarantee agreement between the bank and the employer will act as a security for the loan. All employers shall submit the specimen signature cards of their officers who will be approving the loans on behalf of the employer.

Securities for Business Clients:-

  • Land title certificate-for land located within Dar es Salaam region.

  • Sale agreement for untitled piece of land-for land located within Dar es Salaam region.

  • Fixed deposit receipt

  • Resident Permits for land located within Dar es Salaam region


Allows many low income families to have relatively small and short-term financing for incremental building or home improvements.
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